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Friday, July 29, 2005

Don't tell my BSU-

But I've given the nod to Bob the Religious Artifacts Dealer to get another artifact for my, ahem gun locker cough. I'm buying a Savage .223 bolt action rifle.

Hey, I don't own a centerfire rifle! And Kenny wants to go to Wyoming and try to reduce the prairie dog population and he wants me to go along and help. And a man needs a centerfire rifle for that, don't ya know? Anyway, the rifle will have a grey composite stock, blue steel, the Acu-Trigger and come ready-to shoot with a 3X9X44 scope already installed and boresighted.

And with luck, it will be here by this time next week! UPDATE: Sadly, Bob the RAD will be leaving on his vacation next Thursday, immediately after work. And the earliest my gun could get here is also Thursday... Meaning that because of the potential for the gun to be delivered late and Bob not to be there to sign for it is very high. And it means I won't get it until after Bob gets back, about the middle of the month. Rats! UPDATED AGAIN: I caught Bob this afternoon, just before leaving for the day and suggested I'd be willing to pony up an extra $20 or so if he could get the gun delivered before his vacation. I guess I won't know until Monday.

Guess I better go buy some ammo this weekend...

One last thing, The suggested retail price on the link is just about exactly $100 more than I'm paying for my gun, delivered, taxed and background check included. How's that?

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